Jeffery Trevino in court, appealing murder conviction

In 2013, Jeffery Trevino was convicted of brutally murdering his wife, Kira. Today, he and his attorney were in court arguing that conviction should be thrown out.

Trevino's argument is that the judge didn't give the jury instructions about the law on circumstantial evidence, which is important because Trevino's attorney says that's what the case against his client was based on.

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But prosecutors argue the evidence against Trevino was overwhelming.

The judge will make a ruling on Trevino's appeal within 90 days. It'll be a grueling stretch of time for the still-grieving Trevino family.

Kira's dad, Jay Steger, spoke with Trevino family members today and says they're struggling as well.

"It's not just us, it's them," Steger says. "They lost a son, we lost a daughter, and I feel their pain and I respect that family very much because my daughter loved that family."