Indiana deputies reunite Minnesota boy with lost teddy bear

When five-year-old Freddy Trepp lost his teddy bear somewhere along an Indiana highway, he thought he would never see it again. But deputies with the White County Sheriff’s Department in Indiana went the extra mile to reunite the Minnesota boy with his best friend.

Freddy’s mom, Ashley, said the family was driving through Indiana on their way home from a trip when Freddy got out of the car on the side of the highway to go to the bathroom. It wasn’t until hours later when the boy realized the bear was gone.

A quick internet search helped Trepp find the nearest police deparment. 

When she called the sheriff’s department, Trepp said she knew it should be a low priority call.  It was more of a “in case you see it in passing” kind of request.  But one of the deputies took the call very seriously.

“A lot of the calls we get you don’t know what to expect and sometimes you know you get a chance to make a huge positive impact on somebody. This kid will probably never forget this story,” The deputy told Fox 9.

The sheriff’s department found the teddy bear and called Freddy's family with the good news. He mailed the bear back to Freddy and his family, along with a few other special gifts.