ICE agents arrest dozens in effort targeting those with criminal history

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents made 39 arrests in a five-state region including Minnesota during an effort targeting undocumented people with criminal histories.

ICE arrested 15 people in Minnesota, 12 in Iowa, 11 in Nebraska and 1 in North Dakota. The countries of citizenship of those arrested include Burundi, Guatemala, Sudan and Mexico.

Among those arrested in Minnesota included a man with two previous convictions for driving under the influence and an arrest for criminal vehicular operation.

Other criminal convictions of those arrested included indecent contact with a child, domestic violence, drug possession with intent to distribute, criminal damage to property and more.

From July 13 to Aug. 20, ICE officers nationwide arrested more than 2,000 people living illegally in the United States or who are removable from the country due to their criminal histories, according to ICE. About 85 percent arrested also had criminal convictions or pending criminal charges.