I-394 eastbound lanes will be closed off as of Friday night

 The westbound lanes of I-394 reopened Friday morning, but traffic-goers will be dealing with more frustration on the roads. 

The interchange between 394 and 94 all the way to Highway 100 will be under construction for the next two weeks. So starting late Friday night, two eastbound lanes of I-394 will be closed off. 

This means that all inbound traffic will be diverted to the ‘HOT’ lanes and all westbound traffic will be confined to the general purpose lanes.

Be aware to the following ramps that will be closed when the eastbound lanes are shut down:
Eastbound I-394 to Penn Avenue
Penn Avenue to eastbound I-394
Northbound Hwy. 100 to eastbound I-394
Southbound Hwy. 100 to eastbound I-394 will use the HOT ramp

Lyndale Avenue over Dunwoody Boulevard and Hennepin Avenue will remain closed until the fall. So motorists should use Dunwoody Boulevard to access westbound I-394 and use Hennepin Avenue, 11th Street and Linden Avenue to continue traveling on Lyndale Avenue.