How to dispose your Christmas trees to protect Minnesota's environment

Minnesotans pick out their Christmas trees before the holiday season. (FOX 9)

As the holiday season comes to an end, here's how to make sure you get rid of your Christmas tree properly.

If Christmas greenery and trees are not disposed properly, you risk bringing diseases and invasive species from other areas into Minnesota landscapes. Learn more about the invasive insects, pathogens and weeds on the Minnesota Department of Agriculture's website.

According to the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, here are the proper ways you should dispose your greenery and trees after the holiday season:

  • The best option is to use a curbside tree collection or bring trees to a designated drop-off site. Check with your waste hauler, city, or county to see what services are offered in your area. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has a map of yard waste compost locations; contact locations directly to see if they accept trees and greenery.
  • Do not toss trees and greenery into backyard woods or your residential compost pile, which will propagate the infestation.
  • Wreaths and other decorative greens can be disposed in trashcans.
  • If your city or county does not have an organized pick-up or drop-off, the last resort would be to burn the greens. Always check with local ordinances first and follow them.

If you suspect your greenery or tree may be infested with an invasive insect or disease, contact the MDA’s Arrest the Pest line at 1-888-545-6684,, or through the online reporting form.