Hopkins HS student hurt in crash talks about recovery

The Gold Nugget Tavern and Grille is a popular gathering place in Minnetonka. But on this night, the community is coming together here to show their support for a teen who has survived quite an ordeal.

"I just feel very special. It's very heartwarming that everybody came together and were able to do this for me. That makes me feel really special," said Lauren Olson. 

Back in March, Olson was on her way home from school when she was broadsided by an unlicensed driver who ran a red light.

The Hopkins High School athlete suffered brain damage, four broken ribs, and a broken leg, along with other serious injuries that left her in a medically induced coma for ten days.

"It was rough. It was really rough, obviously. It was a roller coaster up and down, especially in those first ten days when she was in an induced coma. That was probably the hardest," said her father Alan Olson. 

Since then, Olson has made a remarkable recovery. She was able to come home from the hospital after about six weeks. She had enough credits to graduate with her class and plans to go to the University of Minnesota in the fall.

"My recovery has been going really well. I just have like physical therapy once a week now and all my doctors have been amazing and I just feel really good myself," said Olson.

"You would not even think that this poor kid went through what she did when you see her now today," said Alan Olson.

Now Lauren and her family want to thank the community that has done so much for them.

"All the community support from my doctors and friends, my family. I mean, everybody has been so kind to me. I'm thankful for that," said Olson.

In addition to the money raised from a silent auction, the Gold Nugget will donate 30 percent of its sales from Monday night's fundraiser to the Olson family.

In the meantime, the crash is still under investigation and the driver who hit Olson still has not been charged.