Highway 12 in Independence reopens with upgraded safety features

A stretch of highway in the western suburbs that has become known as the "corridor of death" is reopening after undergoing several safety improvements. 

The 38-mile corridor of Highway 12, which weaves through Hennepin and Wright counties, has been the site of numerous fatal crashes over the past decade, which prompted cities along the highway to do something about it.

On Monday, the Highway 12 Safety Coalition is holding a ribbon cutting to mark the reopening of the highway at Hennepin County Road 92 in Independence

The event recognizes the completion of two years of highway construction safety improvements, which included two roundabouts, an extension of a center median divider, and the construction of a bridge overpass that realigns Hennepin County Road 92 where it intersects with U.S. Highway 12. 

All the improvements are aimed at reducing the number of fatal and injury crashes on Highway 12.