Group calls for additional charges after murder conviction in death of Tyrone Williams

After deliberating for about 11 hours, a jury convicted 28-year-old Sid Strickland-Green of unintentional, second-degree murder in the death of Tyrone Williams Tuesday, but this afternoon, a group named two men who they feel are responsible for Williams’ death.

As Williams’ family pleads for the public’s help, the county attorney’s office made it clear today that the evidence doesn’t support that anyone else was involved.

“True justice is only going to happen when the murderers go down,” said Chauntyll Allen.

It was in April of last year, when Williams, who was active in the Black Lives Matter Movement was shot and killed outside his mother’s home in north Minneapolis.

“We honestly believe that this was a hit for hire,” said Reisha.

Unlike the prosecutor’s narrative, Williams’ family and community leaders believe that Strickland-Green, along with two other men that they mention by name, planned the shooting.

One of the men was called a witness in the criminal complaint.

“One-third of the whole got convicted. That’s not a complete job, city attorney’s office,” said Marques Armstrong. “We didn’t hire you to do one third of a job you were hired to do 100% of the job.”

“Really, it’s not over with. They need to finish their job,” added Rosemary.

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman released a statement saying there is insufficient evidence to show anyone else was involved in the shooting.

Still, they're pleading for anyone with information to come forward.

“We are sick and tired of all the things that are happening in our community, but many of us know what happened, but won’t say anything about it, that needs to stop,” Marques said.

In a statement, the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office went on to say that, while they understand the pain of family and friends, justice was served.

In the meantime, those who spoke out today will continue to push for answers. The man convicted in the case will be sentenced next month.