Gov. Walz vows action on gun control during State of the State

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz made a vow Wednesday night that Minnesota will act on gun control as he touted progressive legislation that had passed this session under a DFL-led legislature.

Walz spoke for just over 30 minutes on Wednesday, promising he'd finish up well before the Wild dropped the puck in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

While talking about bills that had already been able to get through the legislature, Walz also made a promise that lawmakers would act on gun control.

"We’ve got a gun safety bill on the table – and we’re going to get it passed," said Walz. "And if anyone in America doubts that we can take meaningful action to protect our kids, I’ve got two words for you: Watch us."

Walz said the bill would take common-sense steps to thwart gun crime, while not infringing on Second Amendment rights.

"I’m not just a veteran, or a hunter, or a gun owner. I’m a dad. And for many years, I was a teacher. I know that there’s no place for weapons of war in our schools, or in our churches, or in our banks, or anywhere else people are just trying to live their lives without fear."

In their response, GOP leaders blasted Walz for no mention of the death of Pope County Sheriff's Deputy Joshua Owen last weekend and failures from the DFL to address tax relief.

"On the campaign trail last summer and fall, what we heard from Minnesotans is [they] are looking for tax relief," said Minority House Leader Rep. Lisa Demuth. "Knowing that we have a $17.5 billion surplus, Minnesotans were expecting to see that earlier in the session, as soon as we got back, more of it, and one of the things they were also looking for was the full elimination of tax on Social Security."

On gun control, Demuth added: "I can tell you what Republicans and most Minnesotans are looking for is they are looking for criminals to be held accountable and keeping guns out of criminals hands to start. We got to start there, enforcing what is already on the books."