Gov. Dayton vetoes tax, budget bills

Governor Mark Dayton vetoed the tax conformity and supplemental budget bills at the Minnesota State Capitol Wednesday. 

Dayton vetoed the first GOP-backed tax measure last week because he wanted $138 million for school districts facing budget deficits. He vetoed the tax bill for the second time on Wednesday despite the $225 million in school funding Republicans added shortly before passing it on Sunday, hours before the midnight deadline. 

“This is a terrible bill and the resulting vetoes are your creation,” Dayton said in his veto letter to the Republican-controlled Legislature.

The bill would sync Minnesota’s tax code with the federal government's code to avert a potentially complicated 2019 tax filling season.  

Dayton also vetoed the omnibus supplemental budget bill. 

At a press conference Wednesday, the governor said there will be no second chances to pass additional tax or spending bills.

“This was the worst-managed legislative session I’ve seen,” he said. 

Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka said he is "disappointed" in the governor's decision to veto the bills.

“In the end it feels impulsive and it feels vindictive and it doesn't’t help anyone in Minnesota," he said. 

Gazelka said he had no indication Dayton was going to veto tax and and budget bills.

“We were going to have a conversation this afternoon and I’m shocked that we could have that conversation," he said.