Frontline worker bonus application periods ends, more than 1 million submitted

The opportunity for Minnesota workers to receive a "frontline worker bonus check" closed Friday at 5 p.m., with nearly 1.2 million Minnesotans submitting an application for a check.

The amount of people who applied nearly doubles the initial estimate for how many would apply. 

Tose who have been denied for the benefit will have a window to appeal beyond that. 

Workers who believe they are eligible for a bonus check are currently able to submit an application for one before the Friday deadline. The size of the checks will depend on how many people apply.

Initial estimates predicated 667,000 people would sign up, and the payments will be $750. If fewer people apply, the checks would be larger (though state law caps them at $1,500).

But updated data has said that 1,075,000 people have applied for worker bonuses ahead of Friday's deadline. 

While some of them will be denied, state officials say they haven't deemed any individual applications eligible or ineligible yet, Fox 9 has learned. 

However, they've started telling industry groups that entire sectors of workers are ineligible. 

Minnesota labor officials expect to receive applications from across 15 industries including health care workers, teachers, janitors, and grocery store employees. 

Check size won't be known until the appeals period and process ends on Aug. 31.

How to appeal a denial

After the application window closes Friday, submitted applications will be processed and verified by the Department of Labor and Industry, Department of Employment and Economic Development and Department of Revenue. 

All applicants will be notified via email whether no further action is required, or that their application has been denied by Aug. 16.

The email message communicating the denial will contain a link to sign into the applicant's account, where they can access one or more appeal forms.

Applications may be denied for five reasons, including if it has been deemed a duplicate, the applicant exceeds the unemployment insurance benefit threshold established, the applicant exceeds the adjusted gross income threshold established, the applicant's employment eligibility could not be verified, or the applicant's identity could not be verified.

Appeal forms must be successfully submitted to appeal a denial decision. 

If the applicant does not complete and successfully submit all appeal forms during the appeals period, within 15 days of the date of the denial email message, the denial will be final.

Successfully submitted appeal forms will be reviewed, and a final decision will be communicated to the applicant by email. The commissioner of the Department of Labor and Industry's decision on an appeal is final.

More information prior to the appeal process can be found HERE