Friend remembers Blaine woman allegedly killed by husband

Friends and family are saying goodbye to a Blaine mom, who was allegedly shot and killed by her own husband.

Mary Jo Jansen was attempting to leave her marriage when she was killed earlier this month. Loved ones gathered at a visitation Thursday in her honor.

“This will definitely be a process. Something good is going to come of it. I just don’t know what,” said Liz McFarland, a friend.

McFarland is reeling, grieving the loss of her best friend Mary Jo Jansen.

“Fantabulous mother,” said McFarland. “She put her kids first. It was always about the kids.”

She described her friend as the loving mom, the diligent dental assistant and the joyful companion who knew the lyrics to just about every ‘80s song.

“Those are the things that make me cry,” said McFarland. “I won’t get to have that with her. Her kids won’t. Her sisters and brother won’t. No one will be able to share in that laughter.”

Tragically, the 46-year-old was stolen from friends and family earlier this month.

Authorities report Mary Jo’s husband, Matt Jansen, shot and killed her inside their Blaine home. Mary Jo wanted a divorce and was planning to move out.

Matt Jansen is now in jail and charged with second-degree murder.

“I can’t imagine being that selfish and that heartless to orphan your children,” said McFarland.

According to records, Blaine police had responded to the family’s home on 95th Avenue Northeast several times in recent months. Two times officers came for calls classified as domestic-verbal incidents. There was also an incident in December when Matt Jansen apparently tried to kill himself. 

McFarland explained that incident prompted the family to remove all the firearms from the house, but prosecutors allege Matt Jansen purchased a new gun earlier this month. 

He reportedly told responding officers at the murder scene, “I guess I don’t have to worry about a divorce now.”

“I hope people understand and can learn from this and help somebody,” said McFarland. “That abuse is not always physical. It’s verbal, it’s emotional, it’s mental and it wears people out.”

The funeral will be held on Friday. For GoFundMe information, click here.