Fox 9's Alix Kendall gets 'You need to lose 10 pounds' letter

We love getting mail, emails and Facebook messages at Fox 9. Usually, it’s thank you letters, investigative story tips, event invitations and press releases that find their way to our mailboxes, but every once in a while, there’s the kind of letter Fox 9 morning anchor Alix Kendall received.

It was a simple note: YOU NEED TO LOSE 10 POUNDS. In all caps.

Alix shared the note on Facebook and Instagram on Tuesday:  “The ‘awesome’ part of being a News Anchor.  Sent by a viewer.’

The post was met with a flood of support:

“So disappointing to see this! You guys as a group do a fantastic job providing us with news, entertaining info, laughs and much more! I really enjoy watching every day!”

“That is just horrible! Every morning when I am watching I always think, ‘that Alix is a petite little thing!’”

“You're perfect! The nerve of passive aggressive people.”

Wednesday morning, Alix posted a thank you for the words of support, and said she has “thick skin” and will always support other women in the broadcasting business who face similar criticism through social media and hate mail.

“Thanks to all of you have left messages of support after this post. I really did laugh after seeing it, and it just shows the ridiculous comments women face who are in the public spotlight.  It makes me wonder, why do some focus on what we wear, our hair, waistline, or age? Did they hear any of the day's news? Useful information to start your day? Your positivity always brings me up. Don't worry. I have thick skin, but not everybody does, so I will continue to stand up for those who don't, in a business that can be tough on women. I've got your back...ladies!”