Family, friends hold vigil for shooting victim after deadly weekend in Minneapolis

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A violent weekend in Minneapolis left nine people shot - four of them fatally. 

Police do not believe the shootings are connected but are still investigating whether they are gang-related or if the victims were caught in the crossfire.

One man was fatally shot Friday evening in the Cedar-Riverside area. Another man was fatally shot in north Minneapolis late Friday night, with three others injured.

Another man was shot in the leg early Saturday morning.

Two men were fatally shot Sunday morning in north Minneapolis, with another injured.

On Sunday, family and friends held a vigil for the man fatally shot late Friday night outside of a bar.

Loved ones of 41-year-old Steven Fields gathered in the bar parking lot of Cliff N Norms near 21st Avenue and Washington Avenue where Fields was gunned down.

“He wasn’t a violent person. He just really didn’t deserve this and we just want justice for our family,” said Fields’ cousin Larhonda Harvey.

Fields was one of four people shot Friday night; his family believes he was just outside smoking a cigarette when he was caught in the middle of a shoot-out.

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Community activist KG Wilson said he spent all weekend rushing from one shooting scene to the next.

“It’s like not even having a break to sit down and say a prayer for one family—there’s a call that there’s another family,” Wilson said.

Police said that before this weekend, crime was actually down for the year.

“This is an anomaly,” said Minneapolis Police Spokesperson John Elder. “Officers are spending more time with community than they ever have before."

One person is in custody after Sunday's shooting, but police continue to search for suspects in the other three.