Eastlake Brewery closing, citing COVID and civil unrest as ‘one-two punch’

A once-popular craft brewery on Lake Street in Minneapolis has announced it will close due to a trifecta of factors that made its operation no longer viable.

Just shy of nine years into operations, according to an announcement on its Instagram page, Eastlake Brewery won’t see its anniversary in December, saying, "COVID and the civil unrest outside our doors was a tough one-two punch for south Minneapolis. We bounced back a bit as things opened up, but not quite enough."

The brewery went on to say that its rent also became an "all too relatable circumstance" in that it had become too pricey for its operations.

"We love this neighborhood – it’s our namesake. We love all of the vendors at the market that make this shared space so vibrant," the brewery wrote before thanking its customers.

The announcement is the second in a week for Minneapolis brewers closing, as Dangerous Man Brewing announced it will shutter its Northeast Minneapolis operation as well, with Yia Vang’s Vinai opening in its former space.