Eagan girls robotics team to represent the U.S. in China competition

A local robotics team out of Eagan, Minn. is on their way to China to represent the United States among 40 other international teams. The Green Girls Robotics Team consists of seven teen girls and one robot, which they named Guy.

The team has been together since 2010 when they were just a group of friends in the fourth grade. They said they named their robot Guy because they thought it was ironic that he was on a team with all girls.

“At first, we knew it would get us somewhere in the future, but we didn't think it was going to be this soon,” original team member Grace Hansen said.

These soon-to-be ninth graders have created multiple robots over the years through designing, programming, and 3-D printing.

“We’ve had a couple companies come up to us and say ‘hey can we hire them for internships?’ ‘Well they are only in eighth grade but maybe in a couple of years!’” coach Tanya Berg said.

Last year, they made it to the World Adolescent Robotics Competition in Missouri where they got invited to apply to the competition in Beijing, China and became the first of 40 international teams to be chosen.

“I was just screaming ‘mom look we got accepted!’ It's so exciting, can't wait to go,” original team member Shelly Franklin said.

There’s no doubt that part of what got the team noticed is their commitment to community outreach. Monthly, the group teaches two hour sessions about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to children with disabilities at the Pacer Center.  Plus, they now helped three additional girls robotics teams.

“We started all new girls teams last year. We called it Robotics Rush and we had the girls come in and try the different aspects. It was really cool,” Hansen said.

The team needs to raise $20,000 in order to get their entire team to China to compete in November. They have a variety of fundraising efforts going on from giving away Lynx tickets to deals with local restaurants and business sponsors.

TO HELP- Visit their GoFundMe page or Green Girls Robotics