Driver in bus shelter crash questioned but not arrested after incident

Two of the victim’s from Tuesday’s bus shelter crash in Minneapolis remain in critical condition Wednesday.

What happened exactly, however, is still unclear.

FOX 9 is not naming the driver of the van who hit them because he has not been charged or even arrested, but investigators will keep digging to determine if what he did was criminal.

Immediately after Tuesday’s crash, witnesses at Broadway and Lyndale told police and reporters what they saw and why they believe it was intentional.

The 83-year-old driver was released after questioning and never arrested.

“Without going into detail about what he said, what I can say is if there were a reason to hold him in custody based on what he told us, absolutely we would have done that,” said Metro Transit spokesperson Howie Padilla.

The driver did not tell police it was intentional. If he would have, he likely would have been arrested.

The investigation will hopefully determine which version of events is true.

“Our investigators are not in the habit of releasing people who might be a danger to the public,” Padilla added.

Of the three victims taken to North Memorial Hospital, two are in critical condition and one is in fair condition. Two more victims are both listed as satisfactory condition at HCMC.

Video from a bus shows the driver turning onto Broadway, but nothing else.

Investigators are still looking into what other cameras caught to see if footage shows the driver circling around, as witnesses report.

Talking to more witnesses and examining the van, there’s no indication the driver was under the influence.

The rest of what happened is unclear. There is not enough evidence to conclude anything.

“This is not a real quick whodunit,” Padilla said. “It’s how did everything transpire?”