Community speaks out at Minneapolis Police Conduct Review meeting

Community members at the Minneapolis Police Conduct Review meeting demanded more transparency between the department and neighborhoods they serve.

On Tuesday, the director of the review announced that a big report on the department will come out soon. The Office of Police Conduct Review is a neutral agency that investigates allegations of police misconduct made to the city.

Minneapolis residents spoke of their concerns over the number of high profile police investigations. 

“It just seems like there's this huge lack of trust between some members in the community--probably a big segment--a lack of trust with the police department," said resident Chuck Turchik.

Turchik said that one way to help build better relationships could be to get the community more involved with selecting officers.

Others want to know what city leaders are doing to resolve the claims that officers are pressuring EMS workers to sedate people with ketamine--a powerful tranquilizer.

They also want more details released in the investigation of the fatal officer-involved shooting that killed Thurman Blevins.

Both Minneapolis police officers involved in the shooting had complaints filed against them, with no discipline involved.

"This is unfortunately part of what happens when there isn't good enough selection of officers…or the wrong kinds of training,” said resident Dave Bicking.

Director of the Office of Police Conduct Review Imani  Jaafar said her team has been working on a new report for the last few months concerning MPD.

“The office of police conduct review is putting together their first report when it was released to the media without our office’s knowledge and we are in the middle of that—a brief update on the timeline—we are set to present to the public safety and emergency management on July 26th,” Jaafar said.