Community group calls for Minnesota schools to reopen for fall

Saturday, a group of parents, students, and even some teachers joined a rally at the Minnesota capitol calling for schools to reopen for in-person instruction this fall.

As a decision from Governor Walz on what schools will do for the fall approaches, they are pushing for schools to open doors and allow students in, despite the pandemic.

The rally comes a day after Republicans lawmakers said they would introduce legislation during next week's special session to give the power to decide on reopening to local school districts -- rather than a statewide decree from Governor Walz.

"Many of the kids have too many hangups with the technology," said teacher Kris Williams, who joined the rally. "It's too big of a hill for them to climb. They don't all have WiFi, they don't all have high enough speed WiFi, they don't all know how to use the technology to get all the things that they need, and they don't all have the discipline or the situation at home."

Schools were closed in March as Minnesota came to grips with the coronavirus pandemic over fears of worsening the spread of the disease. Governor Walz is expected to release plans for the upcoming school year in the next few weeks.