We spent a cold spring day in Cold Spring, Minnesota

Another gray and overcast sky over Cold Spring, Minnesota, as Minnesota cold weather drags on in the state. (FOX 9)

It's safe to say that's most of us get frustrated when we look at the 7-day forecast.

Anyone who feels down when the sun's not out, and it's cold and rainy is not imagining it. The weather affects people’s moods.

FOX 9 spent the day in the city of Cold Spring, Minnesota to ask residents to weigh in on the latest round of Minnesota weather. Fox 9 crews discovered it’s living up to its name.

At a bar called Grumpy’s, in a city called Cold Spring, it's not difficult to tell the most common topic of conversation.

"I'm cold in Cold Spring," said Robin Binman, a customer at Grumpy’s who is tired of the weather.

We've had, let's face it, a cold spring.

"My boyfriend has a Harley and we would be riding around and doing fun things, but nope," said Nicole Sanquist, who is also fed up with the low temperatures.

And the weather is getting pretty old.

"It's horrible. Like every day I wake up, and I'm depressed. You look out the window, and it's like another gloomy day," Binman said.

There's a scientific reason she feels that way.

"It's draining on us and our bodies aren't used to this. It's not used to going this long without sunshine," said Dr. Sarah Paper, a psychologist with Allina Health.

Paper said the cold, darker days give people less energy and make it more difficult for them to get outside and do the things they love to do.

"Exercise is one that we know lifts our mood and spirit, and if we can't get out there and exercise and get that sunshine, we're not going to feel as happy," she said.

FOX 9’s weather expert, Chief Meteorologist Ian Leonard, took a closer look at just how bad this month has been.

"It hasn't been a great April. It's been cloudy. It's been cool. It's been wet. But is it record-setting? No. Below average? Absolutely. Complainable? Yes, to everybody," Leonard said.

There's nothing that brings people together quite like commiserating over Minnesota weather.

"It's a beautiful state, but it's for the strong and hearty," Sanquist said.

Everyone can agree: Summer better be well worth the wait.

So what are the best ways to cope with this weather? Dr. Paper said to eat well, exercise, and remember it'll all get better eventually.