City of St. Paul issues vaccine mandate for city workers

In a video posted online on Thursday, Mayor Melvin Carter issued a vaccine mandate for city workers in St. Paul.

While no public disclosure was made by the city, in the unlisted YouTube video posted Thursday Mayor Carter says the recent spike in cases has driven the decision to require the vaccine.

"Not getting vaccinated poses a persistent risk to all of us. including our families, friends, colleagues, and the residents, workers, businesses, and visitors we serve every day," said Mayor Carter in the video.

Citing recent data showing the greater risk faced by unvaccinated Minnesotans, Mayor Carter says he is requiring city workers to get vaccinated.

"As we continue fighting this virus in the days, weeks, and months ahead, to ensure everyone on Team St. Paul can continue serving our community, all of us must get vaccinated," said the mayor.

Mayor Carter says each city worker must complete a vaccine series by the end of the year and provide proof to the city. The city will however allow for medical and religious exemptions, the mayor added.

However, the city won't allow for an opt-out where workers can get regular tests -- as some other employers have allowed for.