City approves plan to spark redevelopment at Burnsville Center

This spring, mall vacancies across the country reached a new high, and now, Burnsville is the latest community trying to bring new life to a dying mall.

On Tuesday, the city council approved a measure that would allow the majority owners of Burnsville Center to sell off individual portions of the mall for redevelopment. 

Mayor Elizabeth Kautz hopes this is the first step in the city's Center Village Vision, which would transform the area with multi-family housing, entertainment, and parks.

"I'm glad you did visit the mall because it does need a lot of work and it is your property, and you need to make it show well if you are going to try and attract buyers," said Kautz.

The issue is not unique to Burnsville. Developers are trying to make use of empty stores across the metro. 

In Minnetonka, Ridgedale Center recently added a retirement community on its property. In Edina, Southdale Mall has filled empty store fronts with mixed use development, like co-working spaces.

Tuesday's vote only cleared the way for the owners to start selling off parcels of land. Each individual development that goes on the property will need its own approval by the city.