Children's Theatre Company issues apology for seeking legal fees from victim

The Children’s Theatre Company released an apology Friday directed to a woman who was sexually abused by a former CTC teacher when she was a student there in the 1980s.

The video statement, posted Friday afternoon, comes after a week of bad publicity for the Children’s Theatre Company.

Last Friday, victim Laura Stearns Adams learned that lawyers for the theatre wanted her to pay nearly $300,000 in their legal fees after CTC was found negligent in the time leading up to Stearns Adams’ abuse as a child.

In January, the jury awarded her nearly $3.7 million, which was to be paid by former teacher Jason McLean.

He has denied the rape allegations, has yet to be charged and has apparently fled to Mexico.

Stearns Adams says McLean hasn’t paid her anything.

Since the theatre was not found liable in the trial, it will not have to pay any of that money.

Instead, lawyers for CTC tried to argue last Friday that some of their court costs should be reimbursed.

The theatre denied to FOX 9 that they were asking for Stearns Adams to pay those costs, but instead, the lawyers were trying to figure out what was the proper cost in the case.

Since, protests and a boycott have been called against the theatre.

In the apology, the CTC said it is sorry and will not try to collect any of the court’s costs from her.

“Ms. Stearns, we are sorry. Last week we failed in our commitment to be empathetic and respectful in our handling of our legal obligations,” said Peter Brosius, the artistic director of the CTC in the apology. “We let a court filing go forward without thinking about how it would feel from your perspective that was our mistake and we want to set it right. Starting with this clear and unambiguous promise: Under no circumstances will we seek to recover any costs from you.”

At this point, Stearns Adams has not responded to the apology publicly. FOX 9 reached out to her for comment.

A silent protest at the theatre at 11:30 a.m. Saturday morning is still scheduled.