Charges: Employee took secret videos of 41 women in tanning bed

A part-time employee of Paradise Tanning of Circle Pines, Minnesota is accused of secretly recording video of 41 women using tanning beds. Jake Jolan Martin Lindbeck of Blaine, Minn. is charged with 41 counts of interference with privacy.

The peeping allegations were first reported to the Centennial Lakes Police Department on March 3. The follow-up investigation revealed secret videos were taken between December 16, 2014 and March 3, 2015, during the hours when Lindbeck was working. Lindbeck, 30, allegedly used his phone to record the victims in various states of undress.

"I looked really quickly and I saw the camera being held over the wall," one victim told Fox 9. "I didn't see a hand. But I saw a camera."

The prior owner of the tanning salon recently sold the business, but said Lindbeck was terminated as soon as the peeping allegations were substantiated.

"It's a tanning salon, but it's my house," she said. "You come into my house, I trust you. Part of that house includes family and friends. He violated so many people."

Lindbeck turned himself in to the Anoka County jail on March 12. All of the victims have been notified, and Centennial Lakes police said this is an ongoing investigation.