Bullwinkle's could be condemned by City of Minneapolis

A building in the Seven Corners neighborhood of Minneapolis that houses multiple businesses, including a troubled bar, could be condemned. 

Signs from the City of Minneapolis posted outside Bullwinkle's Saloon and several other businesses, detail an intent to condemn the building May 30th due to a lack of utilities and electricity. 

The corner has been the site of shootings in 2018 and 2022 that left two people dead and multiple people hurt. 

Fox 9 spoke with a man who works in the area and tells us things have not gotten better in recent months. 

"I don't like walking on that block at night. I feel unsafe walking home from work sometimes and it's always because of things that are happening on that block, specifically," said Griffin Dunnigan. 

After a building is condemned, the owner must prove to the city that problems have been fixed and will likely have to go through a code compliance process, according to the city's website

A man who claimed to be the owner of the building told a Fox 9 crew on Saturday that all outstanding utility bills have been paid and that the businesses will be back open soon.