Brother-sister duo from Burnsville continue to hit high note with music career

Austin and Taryn Durry have hung out in their fair share of record stores over the years.

But as they roam the aisles at Down In The Valley in Golden Valley, they're not just buying records. They are making them too.

"I think it's crazy. This is like my first experience with that ever," said Taryn.

Two years ago, we told you how this brother and sister started writing songs together to fend off boredom during the pandemic after Austin, a musician, and his wife, moved into an apartment in his parents' basement in Burnsville. When Austin posted a video of one of their songs called "Who's Laughing Now" on TikTok, it went viral and their follow-up music video racked up a million views.

"I had been making music for ten-plus years at that point and so to have anything hit like that, it was unheard of for me. So it was a total surprise," said Austin.

Now the siblings known as Durry have released their first full album, Suburban Legend, that includes 'Laughing' plus 11 other songs.

They've also played shows across the U.S. and Europe and they say the response to their new music has been positive.

"It's been so cool playing shows now that our album is out and people just sing them and know every word. So that's been just a crazy, surreal experience for us too," said Taryn.

Next month, Durry will tour the country again to promote their new album, which will include a sold-out show at First Avenue.

In the meantime, these indie rockers are enjoying their success and hope to continue their roll.

"So suck it up as much as we can. But I also feel like we're just getting started, And we'll see what comes next," said Taryn.