Bloomington Jefferson football community shows support for paralyzed player

The Bloomington-Jefferson High School freshman football team was back on the field Thursday, playing for the first time since a teammate was paralyzed in a game last week.

Ethan Glynn was injured during the home opener against Chaska on September 2, leaving him without feeling below his shoulders. The 15-year-old remains hospitalized and has undergone several surgeries.

His teammates returned to practice Tuesday, with emotional support staff on hand. Head football coach Tim Carlson said they gave the players the choice to sit out the next scheduled game against St. Louis Park, but the team wanted to play.

"Just to see the joy that they’re playing with and the energy they’re playing with - it hits me," said Tim Carlson. 

Carlson said Glynn’s family is very supportive of the football program, and he thinks the defensive tackle would have wanted his team to play Thursday. 

"As I talked to the kids yesterday, I said, don’t necessarily play for Ethan. Play like Ethan," he said. "Ethan gives everything he has in everything… let’s play like that."

The team was clearly playing with an inspired energy, as the Jefferson Jaguars scored five touchdowns against St. Louis Park. The final score was 30-0.