Beltrami County becomes first in Minnesota to vote against refugee resettlement

On a day where two other counties held votes, Beltrami County became the first Minnesota county to vote against allowing refugees to resettle there on a 3-2 vote.

According to the Associated Press, no refugees have been resettled in Beltrami County in the last five years. 

In September, President Donald Trump issued an executive order that required agencies to get explicit support from state and local governments in order to resettle refugees there.

Earlier in the day, Hennepin County voted to support refugee resettlement there. Gov. Tim Walz also announced state support for refugee resettlement after Trump’s executive order. Walz titled the letter "The Inn is Not Full in Minnesota."

The city of Edina also passed a resolution just before the holidays supporting refugee resettlement. 

Stearns County also discussed the issue Tuesday, voting to table it for later this month. Up north, St. Louis County joined Stearns County in tabling the issue. St. Louis County will discuss it again May 26. 

The Associated Press contributed to this report.