Bail lowered for man accused of throwing toxic chemical on ex-wife during custody visit

A Ramsey County judge on Monday lowered bail to $250,000 for a St. Paul man charged with attempting to kill his wife with a toxic chemical during a child custody visit at a Roseville, Minnesota park.

Thorbjorn MacBain, formerly known as Trevor Bain, made his first court appearance in Ramsey County Court Monday morning. MacBain is charged with attempted murder and assault in an attack on his ex-wife last week.

Prosecutors allege MacBain splashed a toxic chemical on his ex-wife during a child custody visit at Roseville’s Central Park. The victim suffered a medical emergency requiring hospital care. Her doctors said she could have died, according to court documents.

Hazmat teams subsequently executed a search warrant at the defendant’s home.

The criminal complaint claims the liquid used in the assault was toxic, in the same family of chemicals as weed killer, and potentially sarin.

Initially, MacBain’s bail was $1 million, but it was lowered to $250,000 with conditions that include having no contact with the victim.