‘Are you serious?’: Father ‘shocked and emotional’ after finding out grandson named after him

A father broke down in tears of joy when he met his grandson for the first time and learned that the baby was named after him, a new video shows.

The emotional footage, posted by his daughter Carly, shows the moment when her dad Leonard is introduced to his new grandson Lawson Leonard. 

"The second we found out it was a boy, I knew I wanted to name my baby after my dad and surprise him," Carly told FOX Television Stations. "Lawson is the first grandchild, and my dad has expressed for many years how excited he was to be a grandpa. I kept the baby's name a secret and could barely wait to see his reaction."

The video, which recently went viral, shows Leonard holding the newborn in his arms as his daughter tells him the baby’s name.


Leonard Zito pictured with his grandson Lawson Leonard Kriser. (Credit: Carly Kriser)

"We signed the birth certificate and got it already, so the name is locked in," Carly says, before adding, "It’s Lawson Leonard Kriser."

"What, are you serious?," Leonard shockingly replies, before breaking down in tears. 


In the video, Leonard Zito breaks down in tears upon hearing the new baby's name. (Credit: Carly Kriser)

Carly, a resident in Mapleton, Utah, told FOX she still cries every time she watches the video.

"When I told him his name, I knew he would be shocked and emotional. I did not think it would be a room full of my favorite people sobbing together," she continued. "It made my heart grow even bigger for my dad." 

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Carly said her now-six-month-old child is the "happiest baby."

"My dad and son already have a bond that is unbreakable," she added. "Lawson has a huge role model to look up to." 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.