Are you satisfied with your personal life? 83% of Americans are, survey finds

When you think about the work you do, your family life and the house you live in, how satisfied are you?

A new survey found Americans are largely satisfied with their personal lives. A Gallup poll released in January found that only 23 percent of Americans report being satisfied with the way things are going in our country, but a new poll out this week found that the opposite is true about people's personal lives: 83 percent report being satisfied.

When it comes to finances, lifestyle, and social life, the majority of Americans are satisfied, according to the new survey.

FOX 9 headed to the west Metro to find out if those numbers hold true for our area.

We found Marcia and Rodger McCombs indoors, but the Minnetonka couple credits a lot of their happiness in retirement to their time spent biking, hiking and skiing.

"(I’m) very satisfied. Yes. I love winter, so I'm very happy except for the rain," Marcia McCombs said.

"(We’re) involved in a lot of activities. We get out physically do things every day. Always looking forward to seeing the grandchildren and the family," Rodger McCombs said.

The 83 percent of Americans who are at least somewhat satisfied with their personal lives matches the historical average since 1979. The results found older adults, people who are married and people who have college degrees tend to be more content than their counterparts.

"I'm working very hard. I feel very confident, so my life is not bad," said Mary Xu from Plymouth.

People were also asked about being "very satisfied," but those levels have mostly declined since 2019, especially when it comes to personal health and family life. The results showed overall, how much money someone makes has the biggest impact on how happy they are in their personal life.

"My job – I like it. I'm working in a Japanese restaurant, so I have been working there about 20 years," Xu said.

Do these results surprise you? They did for some of the people we asked.

"I'm kind of surprised by it," Marcia McCombs said. "Probably because we always want more. People in the United States kind of want more. Probably people who volunteer a lot probably are more satisfied."

Gallup measured the record high for satisfaction, 90 percent, in 2020, two months before the pandemic began. But it was short-lived, dropping a few percentage points the next year.