Advocates for homeless hold supply drive outside Minneapolis mayor's home

A group of advocates for the homeless held a supply drive on Sunday to collect items needed for those without a home. They also used the event to demand a moratorium on the eviction of homeless encampments in the city; while standing outside of what they believe is the home of Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey.

Mayor Frey disagrees that the goal should be encampments, saying rather the goal should be shelter and permanent housing.

In a statement, Frey’s office told FOX 9: "At this time, the administration has no plan to issue a moratorium. We remain focused on getting people into safe, stable, and permanent housing – which we have been providing at record levels."

"He could end it right now today if he wanted to so we’re putting pressure on him," supply drive organizer DJ Hooker responded. "All that happens is they end up going down the street and you repeat the process."

Last week the Minneapolis City Council voted against temporarily pausing the forced removal and closures of encampments.

"We’re talking about life and death when people are trying to stay warm and it’s going to be subzero temperatures," Hooker said of the decision. "We just need our politicians to care as much as everyone else does."