4 River Falls, Wis. teens charged in burglary of home while victims were at a funeral

Four teenagers from River Falls, Wis. are facing felony charges for their alleged roles in a burglary that took place while a family was at a funeral.

The burglary occurred at 410th St. in Gilman Township on Dec. 13. When the residents of the home returned from the funeral they discovered a $4,500 watch, a PlayStation 4 console and 12 video games had been stolen.

Five handguns, a pair of binoculars valued at $3,500 and a lockbox containing $12,000 in cash and several identification records were also missing from a shed located on the property.

Jarques Jackson, 17, and Angel Overbye, 17, are being charged with burglary. Antonio O’Brien, 19, and Celine Raleigh, 17, are charged with receiving stolen property.

One of the family members told police Jackson and Overbye knew the family would be at a funeral and had texted her while she was there, asking when the family was coming back. Both suspects had visited the house before and had seen the handguns inside the shed.

Following a tip, investigators found the Playstation, watch, $1,520 in cash and one of the handguns inside O’Brien’s vehicle. He told police two of the remaining handguns were stashed in the bushes near an apartment complex in River Falls.

O’Brien’s girlfriend, Raleigh, was arrested after she confessed to police she knew the two handguns were in the bushes.