30 dogs arrive at Animal Humane Society after 4,000-mile road trip

(FOX 9)

Thirty dogs, mostly Chihuahuas, arrived in Minnesota Monday morning after a 4,000-mile journey that started in California’s Central Valley. 

The group Compassion Without Borders partnered with the Animal Humane Society to find the dogs homes in Minnesota. 

In past years, they have flown the dogs to Minnesota. Now, however, it is too expensive, so a couple volunteered to drive the dogs all the way to Minnesota

“It was kind of long and tiring, but it was so worth it for these pups,” Karen Waldo said. 

AHS said the dogs should be ready for adoption by midweek.

"There's so many of these Chihuahuas in the Central Valley, there's no hope for them if people don't them out of the Central Valley," Waldo said.