2 statues vandalized in Minneapolis parks

The George Washington statue in Washburn Fair Oaks Park in Minneapolis was vandalized this week. (FOX 9)

Two statues in Minneapolis parks were vandalized this week, with one of them being toppled over. 

The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board was notified on Thursday that the George Washington statue in Washburn Fair Oaks Park in the Whittier neighborhood and the Pioneers statue in BF Nelson Park in the St. Anthony West neighborhood had been damaged, spokesperson Dawn Sommers said in a statement to FOX 9. The George Washington statue was graffitied and toppled and the Pioneers statue was graffitied.

Community members have previously voiced concerns about the Pioneers statue, Sommers said. A sign was placed near the statue this spring inviting community members to share their thoughts about the statue and offer ideas for what the park board can do about the statue. 

“The MPRB is working together with the community to address and respond using a racial equity lens to determine next steps,” Sommers said. 

The George Washington statue was still on the ground and the graffiti remained on the statues as of Friday morning. Sommers said park maintenance crews will address the damage as soon as possible.