19 and counting!

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The first spring month of 2017 will not break our streak of consecutive months above average.  While March had its fair share of ups and downs, far more than the first two months of the year, it wasn’t enough to finish out the 31 day stretch below average.  All that said, it was nearly a photo finish, up just 1.2° from average… and in the grand scheme of weather, considered to be fairly normal.  If it wasn’t for the 18 previous months, the headline would be how dry it was, both in overall precipitation AND our lack of snow.  We tallied less than 5 inches for the month, less than half of what is considered normal and down more than an inch of liquid precipitation for the month.  While the pattern for the U.S. looks quite active through much of April, the storm track so far has stayed mostly south of the area and kept the bulk of the moisture away from Minnesota.