Twin Cities bracing for a big weather change

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After many trips to the deep freeze, things are about to change in Minnesota. The week ahead will take us from the icy grips of winter to a big taste of spring. We will first start off our week with shovels in hand, and for some, a refresher course in white knuckle driving. First, it’s all about a wintry mess.


We will have a lot on our minds when we go to bed Sunday night. An approaching winter weather system will spread all kinds of mess in our direction. Some will get more ice than snow and others will pile up the flakes to the point of pulling out the plows. It’s all about the tracking, so stay tuned to the forecast.


Once the wintry onslaught subsides it will be all about the thermometer. The Jetstream will head north and take the cold air with it. This will open the flood gates for milder air to move in and take us on a temperature ride that could put us in the forties.




Stay tuned, the excitement is just beginning as we get ready to wrap up January.