Summer makes a brief appearance in our more fall-like pattern

In the midst of our much cooler more fall-like pattern, a one-day heat wave will bring us briefly back to summer.  Our fall sandwich will have you wearing just about every piece of clothing you own in the upcoming couple of days, except maybe your winter jacket. A cool rain Sunday will transition to a warm and muggy morning on Monday… followed by heat and plenty of humidity Monday afternoon… before the potential for storms to ring out some of the moisture Monday afternoon and evening… then our next cold front goes by and pushes temperatures back into the cooler 50s by the time our alarm clock goes off Tuesday. But this is what us Minnesotans have trained for right? Well, not exactly, but we get roughly one or two of these episodes every fall where temperatures soar for one day before falling back to seasonable levels as summer tries to hang on as long as possible.

Check out our warm air surge out of the central Plains Sunday night and then gets shoved back southward Monday night.

How about a closer look at Minnesota…

So Sunday is long sleeves and rain gear… followed by shorts, t-shirts, and sweat Monday… before heading back to the rain gear and jackets for Tuesday. Good luck!