Minnesota weather: Warmer with sunshine; rain later this week

Plenty of sunshine and warmer temperatures are in store to start the work week. 

The high on Monday will be around 50 degrees in the Twin Cities, which is a pretty big improvement from the weekend — especially with the late April sun angle and very light breezes. It'll dip to around 31 degrees overnight. 

Tuesday will feature a high of around 52 degrees, and be bright, quiet and reasonably pleasant, with plenty of sunshine. 

By Wednesday, the high will climb to about 57 degrees. A couple of showers are possible Wednesday night. 

It'll be even warmer on Thursday, which could see a high of around 63 degrees, which is about average (average for this time of year is 61 degrees). A few patchy showers could develop as the day wears on. 

Friday will be a little rainier, with a high of around 55 degrees. Weather conditions will remain unsettled into the weekend, with highs in the 50s and a couple of drips possible both days.

Here's the seven-day forecast: