Ely, Minnesota records actual air temperature of -50

A blast of arctic air has plunged Minnesota into a deep freeze for the past week-plus, with some areas hitting unbelievably low temps Saturday morning.

Northern Minnesota has taken the brunt of the cold weather, with the small city of Ely reporting an actual air temperature of 50 below zero, a daily record low for the city.

Along with Ely, other spots in northern Minnesota hit actual temperatures in the negative 40s, including Effie, Bigfork, International Falls, and Cass Lake.

In the metro, temps also dipped well below zero, with "feels-like" temperatures pushing into the negative 20s and 30s on Saturday.

Things are expected to get even colder on Sunday, with feels-like temperatures moving towards 50 below zero in the morning.

This cold spell continues to push further into the record books with eight straight days in the single digits or colder. And the forecast shows it will likely take until the end of the next week before we emerge from the deep freeze.

As always, with extremely cold temps, like what Minnesotans are experiencing this week, it’s important to bundle up before heading outside and avoid spending extended time outdoors. Frostbite can set in in just a matter of minutes in these conditions.

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