Mother's Day gift ideas

With Mother's Day coming up this weekend, forget about the expected chocolates and flowers - why not show her you put some thought into her gift this year.

UGG Boots - I have yet to meet a girl that doesn't want a pair of UGG Boots, even if she already owns a pair - she wants another pair. From the classic tall boots in black, to slippers in a pretty pink and regal purple slippers with a snakeskin print and satin bow - believe me when I tell you, she will definitely be happy. - $195 - $110

Yankee Candle Scenterpiece Warmers - Every girl I know wants her home to smell amazing, give her the gift of interchangeable scent to go with her every mood with these Scenterpiece Warmers by Yankee Candle. No light bulb to deal with, simply plug in and go. She can replace the scented wax cups in and out, back and forth as often as she wants. Since there are 47 scents, there is one to go with her every mood.... 

Warmers - $24.99 - $34.99

Wax Cups - $4.99

Josh Cellars - Most ladies I know that love to drink wine, are looking for style and quality, yet an unassuming approachable brand that is as bold and expressive as she is. This is Josh Cellars, the label drew me in with it's gorgeous script, and the taste has kept me coming back. Each variety is elegant, balanced and relevant to her lifestyle. - $11 - $13

Rabbit Wine Chiller - Having chilled wine is not always an easy task with everything she has going on in her world, from work, to the kids, to home and you - she can't plan everything out! The Rabbit Wine chiller takes the stress of a chilled glass of wine at the ready for her. Simply pour your wine into the carafe, add ice to the holding tube, place inside carafe and fold the silicone sleeve over to seal it all - and pour her troubles away.

VINIQ - Most ladies I know are obsesses with purple, shimmery and fruity - VINIQ is all that in a cocktail. A blend of premium vodka, sweet Moscato, fruit flavors and a sparkle to keep her excited and happy. She may consider the smaller 375 ml size a personal serving, so best to get a few so she's covered.

375ml - $10

750ml - $16

For the Mom who loves to entertain, here are some amazing finds from Crate and Barrel to add some fun and life to her festivities

Cocktail Recipe Plates - festive and fun, not only are the plates full of color and whimsy - the recipes for each cocktail is on the back of the plate! $24.95

Palette Wine Charms - Remembering whose cocktail is whose is easier with these wine charms in a summer palette of colors. ON SALE $14.95

Hammered Metal Feast Platter - Hand crafted, hand hammered from iron, this platter is 16" platter is large enough to serve appetizers, charcuterie or finger food. $49.95

Wine Bites Cookbook - Give her the gift of inspiration with the gorgeous cookbook, filled with 64 interesting, new bites for her to serve and play with in the kitchen. $24.95