Long pendant necklaces

Statement necklaces and layered necklaces may be trendy, but long pendants are gaining ground, too. This style works for a variety of personal styles and for women of all ages. Here are some ways to style long pendants:

- Pendants create a V shape, and when they're short you want to pair them with a v-shaped neckline. Longer pendants, however, can work with virtually any neckline.

- Button-front shirts, however, can be challenging. Long pendants compete with the shirt placket and can bang against buttons. Try shorter styles with this type of shirt - something that will sit inside the open collar area.

- Ideally, you want a long pendant to hit at or just above your navel. This can vary somewhat depending on your height, though - petite women may want to go a bit shorter. So may tall women, since a super long necklace can monkey with proportions. On women who are between 5'4" and 5'9" a 28" to 32" length works well.

- This style of necklace draws the eye up and down, which can help visually elongate your figure - a priority for many women.

- To frame a long pendant and further elongate, add a jacket worn open.