Is white the new black?

by Sally McGraw,

Is white the new black? Might be for the summer season. Assembling head-to-toe white outfits is something you'll see everyone from celebrities to fashion bloggers to civilian fashionistas doing this season, and it's a fun look to experiment with.

- People worry that white makes them look wider, and it's true that white pants aren't as flattering as dark ones. But by wearing all white, you create a column of color, so the eye is drawn up and down instead of side to side.

- You don't have to do the exact same shade/brightness of white in every garment. Whites have undertones, and it looks cool and intentional to mix in a few ivories and off-whites.

- Varying the textures in your all-white outfit adds interest and depth

- White-out outfits can be casual or dressy. One of the easiest ways to do this look is to start with a white dress and add a white or cream cardigan or wrap. 

- White accessories aren't a must with these looks, in fact it's fun to break thing up a bit with some other neutrals. Try metallics, leopard print, or black accents.