Collecting Frankoma pottery

I love collecting Frankoma Pottery because it is a piece of Americana that is within everyone's reach. Frankoma is an American-made piece of history. The colors, shapes and patterns represent our history as a country. Their glazing techniques are interesting in how the colors are mottled. The pieces are perfect for entertaining as they lend a comfort/homey look. I tend to use them up at the cabin since they colors go well up there, as well as for game night parties.

Collecting the pottery is not all that difficult, it is readily available at antique stores and auction sites such as eBay. The prices are reasonable, obviously some pieces are more collectible than others. I tend to collect the serving pieces, in Plainsman Brown and Desert Gold. Most pieces you can find under $25.

Frankoma Pottery is an ongoing American pottery company located in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. The company is widely known for its sculptures and dinnerware although the company made many other products including figurines, trivets, and vases. All Frankoma pottery is made in the United States from locally dug clay. The company continues to manufacture hand-made pottery even today.

Frankoma was founded by John Frank in Norman, Oklahoma, in 1933. Frank had been a professor in ceramics at the University of Oklahoma at Norman from 1927 to 1936 and used light-hued local Ada clay in his initial products. He moved the company to Sapulpa in 1938, only to soon rebuild that factory after a fire later that year. The name Frankoma was created from Frank's last name and the last three letters of the state of Oklahoma.