One-of-a-kind art collection on display in Shoreview

The Highlights of a massive private collection of modern and contemporary art is on display at the Cafesjian Art Trust Gallery in Shoreview. At the time of his death, Gerard Cafesjian had 3,000 pieces in his collection, including glass art designed by Pablo Picasso. The new ‘Highlights’ exhibit will run through Oct. 14. The gallery is free and open to the public Thursday to Saturday, but you do need to have a reservation.

Urban farm grows fresh greens for restaurants, residents

Restaurants looking for locally-grown, fresh produce during the winter months must turn to a different type of farm, one in which the complete growing system is in a climate-controlled box. A farm in Shoreview, Frisk Fra Boksen (Fresh from the Box) uses that model. Their 320-square-foot shipping container can grow the same amount of greens you’d need 3.2 acres of traditional farmland to produce. Owners Barb and Chris Glasoe utilize vertical farming in a climate-controlled environment and sell to residents and many local restaurants. Demand is so high, they’re considering buying another container farm.

Minnesota man living in Poland taking in Ukrainian refugees

With half a million people fleeing Ukraine as Russian attacks intensify, many of them are fleeing to neighboring Poland where William Shaw, a Shoreview, Minnesota native has been living in Krakow, Poland with his family for nine years.