Meet 14-year-old behind 'North Metro Fire Buff'

Growing up, every little kid loves fire trucks, but Caleb Koskela's obsession has turned into something much more. 

He has spent his entire life watching his dad fight fires and save lives with the Lake Johanna Fire Department. 

"Pretty much everywhere he went, I was going with him," said Caleb. 

In 2021, he combined his love of firefighting and photography, launching "North Metro Fire Buff" Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube pages. The social media pages are dedicated to showcasing the work of firefighters and first responders at fire scenes across the north metro. 

"I have an app on my phone called Pulse Point and that covers the calls in Anoka County, Ramsey County and kind of all over if the dispatch center has it," said Caleb. 

Since he's not old enough to drive, he has to take another form of transportation to the scenes: his bike. 

Caleb focuses his photography on the work the firefighters are doing, not on the actual fires. 

"I don't want me to be focusing on their house that's burning down. I want to focus on the firefighters trying to save their home," said Caleb. 

Of course, he hopes to be a firefighter himself one day, and he's already well on his way as a current member of the Roseville Fire Explorers. 

"He's got a good head on his shoulders. I think he'd be good in the field," said his dad, Brent. 

"It's fun watching him fun seeing all the stuff come together."