Truck crash, icy river rescue: 'It looked like a bomb went off'

Christopher Kirk says he was behind a box truck on Highway 101 in Rogers Monday afternoon when it plunging into the Crow River below. Kirk says he called 911 and then did what he calls a "baseball slide" down the 15-foot embankment where he waded through waist-high frigid water to reach the truck.

Diamond ring found, returned 13 years later

After being flushed down a toilet 13 years ago, a diamond ring gifted for a wedding anniversary was finally returned to a Minnesota couple after being discovered at a wastewater treatment plant in Rogers, Minnesota.

Good Samaritan recounts terrifying moments after deadly I-94 pileup crash

Last week, dramatic traffic camera video captured the aftermath of a seven-car pile-up crash on I-94 that killed 42-year-old Miguel Perez of Brooklyn Center. Perez’s 19-year-old passenger was also badly hurt, but another driver who had just crashed then quickly sprang into action to help save the 19-year-old’s life.