Chanhassen police pursuit: Driver facing charges

A traffic stop for a woman with an arrest warrant in Illinois conducted by the Carver County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday led police on a chase, and shots being fired, prior to her being arrested.

Adele's Frozen Custard opens for the season

Whether there’s snow, rain or it’s hot or cold Adele’s Frozen Custard has opened on March 1 for the last 38 years, though there was one year they couldn’t open because of a blizzard. This year, they’re expecting big crowds for the warmest opening weekend on record for Adele’s. The custard is the same recipe they’ve had since 1986 though they’ve added new flavors to the menu. The custard is made fresh every day. Unlike ice cream, the air is whipped out of it instead of put into it and it’s made with egg yolks which gives it a velvety texture. Adele’s will be open daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. through the day before Thanksgiving.

Sauna Camp at Lake Minnewashta

In Scandinavian countries, sauna culture is about building community, and that’s the goal of a new outdoor wellness space in Excelsior. Sauna Camp is using the Camp Fire Minnesota grounds to host it’s sauna and cold plunge activities. There are 10 Minnesota-made, cedar wood-fired saunas of different sizes sitting on the shores of Lake Minnewashta, meaning right outside of the steaming sauna is a freezing cold lake to submerge in. The camp is open Thursday to Sunday through the end of April.

E-bike use dividing Lake Minnetonka communities

While state law requires e-bike riders to be 15 year old, authorities around Lake Minnetonka have stopped 39 riders for reckless operation since late April and 26 of those were kids under the age of 15.

Excelsior sleepaway camp begins its 99th season

It’s summer camp season and one located in the west metro is in its 99th season. Camp Fire Minnesota in Excelsior opened up in 1924 as an all-girls camp. Today it’s inclusive to all young people. The camp is located on the shores of Lake Minnewashta and offers both day camp and sleepaway options. While there have been many updates and renovations to the buildings, camp life hasn’t changed that much, even in the age of technology. There are no cellphones at camp, which the counselors-in-training say is a challenge. Instead they dive into books and make plenty of friendship bracelets.

Excelsior backyard features sledding luge

One man in Excelsior, Minnesota is the neighbor you wish you had this winter. He built a serious ice luge that’s taking backyard winter fun to a new level. Photojournalist Eric Gedrose takes you down the course.