Fran Tarkenton on playing in the cold: 'I only wore a cutoff'

Fran Tarkenton, Facebook

Former Vikings quarterback Fran Tarkenton had some choice words for fans on Facebook ahead of a bitterly cold Vikings-Seahawks wild card matchup at TCF Bank Stadium.

‪"#‎TBT‬ in honor of this week's chilly Minnesota Vikings playoff game: What did I wear in the cold?
I only wore a cutoff, a little bit of a warmer T-shirt but a heavier T-shirt under my regular jersey, that’s all. We didn’t have any heaters or hand warmers on the sideline. At least Bud would let me have a jacket on the sideline but as far as playing in the game, I never remember a frozen field, never remember the ball being slippery. I cannot tell you or remember a moment that I was cold because I don’t remember being cold.
Skol Vikings!"