Fox 9 Sports Now: Jim Rich sits down with Minnesota Wild GM Bill Guerin

Between the NHL Draft and figuring out his goaltender situation, last week was a busy time for Minnesota Wild general manager Bill Guerin.

Just days after signing Marc-Andre Fleury to a two-year contract, Guerin traded Cam Talbot to the Ottawa Senators for Filip Gustavsson, who will likely be the No. 2 goalie to Fleury next season. Guerin wanted to make it work between Fleury and Talbot after trading for Fleury last season, but it didn’t work out.

"You want to be right, but I was wrong. I’d like to think I’m capable of admitting I’m wrong and acting on it. I did think it was going to work, in my heart of hearts, I really did," Guerin said. "Going through the next couple days, really putting a lot of thought into it, having a lot of conversations with my staff, I just realized this probably won’t work and it’s probably best just to act. I think it’s best for the team, you just don’t need that weight on everybody’s shoulders."

Sunday night on Fox 9 Sports Now, Jim Rich sat down with Guerin to talk about the days after signing Fleury, assessing Talbot and how the Wild moves forward after another first round playoff exit.

The Wild set a franchise record with 113 regular season points, but the playoff run ended after just six games against the St. Louis Blues.

Watch the video for the full interview with Jim Rich and Bill Guerin.